Pupils and you can youngsters was admired and you will preferred if they are gay, open, amicable and you will polite towards the earlier men

Pupils and you can youngsters was admired and you will preferred if they are gay, open, amicable and you will polite towards the earlier men

It is interesting to remember that salt and you can cash have a beneficial spiritual worthy of. It signify a desire for serenity and are also thus acknowledged you to definitely he’s seldom thrown away. Salt and you will money try produced prior to an opponent to eat and you will and so tell you an acceptance out-of a peace promote. Oil and you will wines also provide a spiritual really worth.

Religious standards are prepared extremely high having Serbian someone, so it is hard to found recognition of natives, nearest and dearest, members of the family or the public. Good family members’ profile is much safeguarded. During the Crna Gora somebody nevertheless are now living in clans and so public viewpoint is quite dramatically noticed concerning every individual. It praises an effective deeds and usually admitted philosophy and virtues. It also documents, evaluator, scolds and you can rejects the meaningless and you can poor behavior otherwise deeds.

Cowards, dishonorable, immodest, otherwise sluggish folks are despised. Stupid individuals and you may fools try subjected to ridicule. Crappy housewives take place for the reduced admiration, self-centered people are disliked, egocentric folks are disliked, and you will indecisive persons are so despised you to about them they state, “It neither stink nor smell.” For the such as for instance reduced admiration are those managers that do n’t have enough bravery to command. Opportunists try despised, instance people who find themselves constantly for the arrangement toward program. Worst women, people with sharp tongues, is actually hated, and you hot Guadalajara women may averted. Into the universities the fresh new ready, rigorous and just coaches are held inside large admiration, if you’re poor, soft or unjust instructors is actually despised. People in politics and you will management that do not satisfy its claims and which cover or choose family and you will relatives is actually hated. In general, all-weak, insipid and ethically feeble conclusion is actually despised by Serbs.

Procedure Philosophy

Procedure worth is attached to certain costly something otherwise pets hence is seldom bought, extremely liked, and you will given away just in the cases of disaster. It are treasures, eg groups, necklaces, jewelry, brooches, observe and gold coins (ducats and you can napoleons); dated firearms, including decorated blades, pistols, rifles and you will swords; certain pieces of admiration, ornamental, cloths, particularly embroidered jewelry, group costumes, furs and you can like boot.

Such beneficial things are constantly stored in a family for generations and you may provided as an inheritance to children, family relations or family members. Occasionally such as heirlooms try directed from generation to a new for centuries. Coins try highly cherished because of frequent wars, change in regimes and you can an unstable paper currency. Coins aren’t in flow for money but only since decor. Women create bracelets and you can rings from them. Old arms are also utilized for design and they are usually installed on the wall space of house, particularly when they certainly were obtained from an adversary inside the war.

Inside the Serbian towns quality is put into the domestic dogs and you may something utilized for farming, instance an effective ponies, oxen, cows, mules, donkeys, roosters and shepherd otherwise browse pet. Agricultural machines otherwise car and you can products to have browse and you will ponies is very important. Some one believe its vegetable and flower home gardens, wineries, bees, and you may drink drums while the beneficial. Progressive goods are highly respected now, things such as cars, bicycles, quick products, sounds devices and you will prefer chairs. Wear products is very important as the every sporting events try well-known.

National Tradition

Antique using was shown in lots of ways. For the majority many years Serbs existed an excellent tribal and you may patriarchal life. In such a close community unwritten guidelines accurately regulate the fresh choices and you will courtesy of the their participants. You to basic rule would be the fact young someone need certainly to tell you esteem to older members of the brand new people. It respect was expressed of the outward signs and you can, much more, of the worry and service. Older people need to be greeted and you will, whenever you are speaking to them, more youthful people stay. Chairs to the public transport are offered off to all of them and you may, generally speaking, he could be recognized in all respects.